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Math: No homework tonight except to study. Tomorrow the students will complete a couple problems that cover decimals, fractions and graphing. This will be a grade. We will have a unit test on fractions on Monday.

Science: No homework. We started learning about the properties of matter.

Math homework: Finish fraction worksheet. This sheet will be graded. Most students finished theirs in class today.

We did our flipgrids today in class. Check them out!!

Math: Finish the fraction worksheet. Tomorrow students will work on their first graded fraction worksheet in class.
Science: Continue to work on the volcano paper if not complete.

Happy Monday your students have no homework tonight!

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! Over the weekend I would like for your student to review the fraction practice worksheets (2 of them) that we’ve worked on this week in class. Fractions are very common on the EOG and I need them to practice at home as well in class. We will begin with fractions again on Monday.
For Science, there isn’t any homework. On Monday, students will complete their flipgrid activity. We have a lot of students out today and therefore didn’t do it in class. They will also begin revising their volcano papers next week.

Math: Practiced coordinate graphing on the board and then moved to fractions. Students were giving some practice problems to try. They were allowed to use their graphic organizer and also ask for help. The sheet was returned back to the students. This was a practice sheet and no grade was entered. Please have your student to review the sheet if they missed any of the problems.

Science: Students continued to work on their volcano project with their group members. The final paper and graphic/visual portion was due today after science class. They will complete the oral part tomorrow in class using flipgrid.

The flipgrid code will be posted here on the website. Please do an oral presentation of your project so I can give you credit for that portion.

Test grading…..
When I grade the tests I am grading all of them during one sitting. The grade is then assigned. I then allow for students (score dependent) to take it home and do test corrections and I ask for parents to sign all tests. Once the test corrections are checked by me, I adjust the grade.
Once all of the above has been done, we then go over each one in class. The reason is two fold…..first I want to make sure the students understand why they missed the problem and also to make sure I’ve graded it correctly. I much as I had to admit…..I will make an error at times. So, I take the opportunity to have a double check in place.

Thank you for understanding.

Math: Study graphic organizers. We started fractions.
Science: Continue to make progress on the project.

I will be returning the math test back to the students today. Please review and sign, I will then return the test back to the students to place in their notebooks. The class average was 79.


Enrichment will start on Monday. Students will be bringing home additional work that is not part of the actual “math” class. Please encourage them to work on these at home. We really want your student to be successful this year and I’ll definitely need your help.

Students will have until the end of the day on Thursday to have their paper, and project board/google slides and/or powerpoint done. On Friday, they will work with their group members to do a presentation of their project in Flipgrid.

HAPPY FRIDAY and a big thank you to all those that took time to come out last night for our Back to School night. It is always a pleasure to speak with parents about things that are going on in class.

Just a reminder, progress reports are going home today so be on the lookout for them. Also, they have a copy of their NWEA score sheet.

Monday, we will have a unit test in Math on decimals. This unit test will be multiple choice 🙂

In Science, over the next couple days, students are working on their volcano research paper.

Progress reports will go home tomorrow. Along with the progress report will be a copy of the MAP testing results.

MATH QUIZ: 10 problems plus 10 extra credit problems. Ask your student if they did the extra credit.

We will have our quiz on dividing with decimals tomorrow (Thursday).
Some students may have a decimal worksheet to finish at home.

Students were grouped for their Volcano project. The students will be given a rubric tomorrow in class. They will work on the project in class and I will go over with them the specific way to cite work in their paper. I don’t have an actual due date at the moment, but I’m shooting for Wednesday of next week. I really want to focus on the content of their paper and how to properly do a scientific report. This will allow future papers to go a lot smoother.

10/3/2017 – Recap of today
We reviewed the practice worksheet on division with decimals in class. Then the students received another worksheet to do during class and finish at home if needed. This sheet will be graded.

We worked on our graphic organizer on volcanoes. I also introduced flipgrid to my other class who hadn’t had the opportunity to use it yet.

General Concerns
Please remind your student(s) that the classroom is not a place for playing around. Our area is too small for play pushing and shoving while standing in line to change classes.

As you know, we are having lunch in our classroom. I am have a terrible time with students dropping food on the floor and not picking it up, throwing their trash on the floor or “somewhere” in the vicinity of the trashcan. The room is a total disaster after lunch. I’m not in here everyday and I could use a little help getting them to pick up after themselves.

Tomorrow we will be switching a few students to different Math and ELA classes based on their Map testing results. The classes will remain the same for the Science/Social Studies.

Take it serious. This is not a time to play around. Must be done tonight.

Click on this to try Flipgrid again

Introduced Flipgrid to the students today…..they were having way too much fun….some did answer the question that I had asked… 🙂
More of this to follow with specific guidelines.

Check it out!!
Introduction to Flipgrid

First of all, Happy Friday to everyone and I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!
There has been a little concern over the last week about some of the grades the students are getting in my class. So, I want to take the time to let you guys know the “process” that I follow in Math class.

  • When I introduce a topic, we will do a graphic organizer. This graphic organizer is to be placed in their binder in a page protector. This graphic organizer defines and has an example of what we are doing.
  • I will, if applicable, show a couple different ways on how to complete the operation and the different methods will also have a graphic organizer.
  • I never tell the students they have to use a specified method to solve the problem. I only show different ways because we all have different learning styles.
  • After I introduce the topic and the graphic organizer is complete, we will do about 5 example problems on the board. Students will work these and I will also work these on the board for the students. I want them to have examples to go by when they are having to complete a worksheet.
  • Then, either the same day, or the next, there will be a worksheet from me. This worksheet is a practice worksheet and is not graded. The students will start this in class and then will finish at home if they did not get in done in class. I will provide the answers to this worksheet to the students and will go over some of them on the board. Generally, I do not go over every practice problem because the sheet can be lengthy.
  • Once we go over this sheet and I do not have any questions, I will pass out to the students a worksheet, that is less in number, and this one I will collect and it will be graded. I try to update my website on the day this is passed out and I also try to update the “pikmykid” app with a message to the parents.
  • Then, after I grade it, and pass it back, we go over the ones that the students miss/or the ones that they have questions about.
  • Then, we will do a quiz. The quizzes are not multiply choice and quizzes do not could as much as tests do in my class. The quizzes simulate the gridded response questions that the students see on their EOG.
  • Finally, we will do a unit test. The unit test will be multiply choice. This simulates the multiple choice that the students will see on their EOG.

Ask your student about our “Math”mobile around the US…..what can they tell you about it? What skills are they learning?

NWEA testing starts tomorrow. Math tomorrow and ELA on Friday. These tests are online and will give us a baseline on where your student is performing.

A super big THANK YOU to everyone that was able to send chalk to school. I think the kids had a blast drawing outside things they’ve learned in class. We will continue to do “fun” stuff as much as possible. I know the kids really enjoy it 🙂 and I also know without your support I couldn’t do what I do.

We could use some sidewalk chalk for our class so we can do some fun activities outside on days that it’s pretty.

Also, I’m still searching for volunteers for lunch coverage, which is 11:55 to 12:25. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please text me if you can help.

Students need to always have a book with them. Monday, for my homeroom is their Reading Special and there were a handful of students today without a book to read.

If anyone has any books at their homes that are middle grade appropriate and you’d like to donate to my classroom it would be greatly appreciated. We have designated reading time in our classes and some students come to school without a book to read.

If you can volunteer from 11:55 to 12:25 to help cover lunch in my class, please send me an email or text with the day that you can cover. This needs to be the same day each week.

We will be using a lot of tape in Science. Please make sure your student has plenty. Check out their science notebooks.

Students will also need earbuds if they do not already have a pair at school. We will be using them with the Chromebooks.


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